Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's in a Name?

Thanks to Fyaahchild for the inspiration. :)

Licorice and her momma were saved from a kill pen when Lic was a yearling by a kind family in Michigan. A friend of mine bought Lic's dam from them- Melody is a registered solid paint. We don't know who Lic's sire is, except that he was supposedly some black and white paint "guaranteed" to throw color. Well, the color he threw was sorrel, but that's okay, I like my redhead. I really wish I could find out her sire's bloodlines, but oh well. Lic is definitely built shorter and stockier than her momma- Melody is 15.3hh, and Lic is only 15hh.

This family had children, and their children, of course, had friends. One of these friends was a little girl who had cancer, and had always wanted a horse named Licorice. So, they named the sorrel horse Licorice.

When Lic was 4, she was sent to be broke by my friend who had bought her mom. A year later, my friend bought her because the family was unable to keep her, and she didn't want to lose track of her horse's daughter. Around that time, I was taking lessons at the barn and helping my friend with a camp for kids, and I rode Lic a few times out on the trails and really liked her. She was (and still is) a phenomenal trail horse, once she settles in... she's usually kind of hot and spooky for about 20 minutes, but if we are out on the state land or trails, she is an absolute blast.

Since I was already planning on shipping Dutch, who I was leasing at the time, out to AZ with me, it was an easy decision to take Lic too. My friend sold her to me for a good price, and the rest is history.

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