Monday, March 8, 2010

Saddle Fit and Picture Time!

Well, crap, my pictures got all out of order, and I'm having trouble fixing it.. oh well! I wanted to upload some pics of Lic's saddle and the padding I use for Cut&Jump over at ... So here they are. Anyone's comments would be appreciated... I have her padded up so that there aren't any dry spots, but now the damn saddle slips.... I'm going to have to experiment with reversing the pads or something. I am always on the lookout for a new saddle, but I have found that regular QH bars are too narrow, and FQHB are too wide... and I can't really afford anything custom right now. The saddle is a Fabtron FQHB flex tree Ladies Trail saddle.

Apologies for some of the pics being bad- little miss Lic wanted nothing to do with holding still for grooming and saddling, let along picture time! And also sorry about the bad formatting... I'm not all that computer literate.

Just for fun... Dutch sez... "Oh, HAI!" I recently found his registration info... he turns 30 this June! He looks so much better since putting him on the Integrity feed and Rice Bran!

Poor Lic after her ride... life is tough! Not sweaty enough to really eval sweat patterns, but no obvious dry spots... this is after an hour and a half of lungeing/riding, she's just not that sweaty of a horse!

Saddle on, with double pads

Another pic of the saddle on, excuse the dust! Lic was trying to dig her way out, and it's too muddy to groom at our usual spot outside...

Just the double pads, with the built-up (in the front) Cavallo pad on the top.

And a wool blend felt pad on the bottom... excuse the Cranky Mare's pawing and head tossing.

Just the saddle... kind of hard to see here, but she has very little withers clearance due to the front of the saddle being too wide. (I think.) I don't know though, maybe I should put it on her with just a thin blanket and lunge, to see exactly where the pressure points are... thoughts on that? Oh, and yes, she is pooping... very photogenic and ladylike. :)

And after grooming, but before tacking up. She's standing funny... she's not usually tha high-headed, hollow-backs, or butt-high... she is a bit butt-high, but she's all backed up on a hill her, but refuses to put her back feet on the cement behind her... *rolls eyes.* But hopefully it is apparent how far she has come in terms of muscling, compared to other pics I have posted.
Anyway, C&J, feel free to use any or all of these for a padding discussion, I am okay with suggestions and critiques too!


  1. I just found the link and the post. I am trying to take it all in and process my thoughts is all. It may take me a little while. I can be slow on the uptake sometimes. lol

  2. Great stuff. I like all the pictures of horse. You have to choose a good saddle for your horse that will provide comfort and support to your horse.